First tour


                                              2 DAYS  - 2 nights ITINERARY



1st Day

8:00 am        Arrive to Garni and check in and relax


12:00                Typical Armenian Coffe and something light to eat

12:30               Departure to Geghard  (by foot or by car)



13:00/14:30      Visit  Geghard monastery



 15.00 pm          Lunch at Geghard restaurant and bread cooking exhibition

 17:00 pm           Departure to Garni


 17:30 pm              Brake and relax


18:00 pm            Visit Garni and the artigian work


 20:00pm            Visit  the Temple




2nd Day

  9:00                Breakfast

  10:00              Walk to the river      

                          visit the Stone Symphony



12:00              walk to the    Havutc Tar monastry through the ancient bridge


01:30 pm       Pick nick


02:30              visit Havutc Tar monastry complex



  4:00 pm       walk back to Garni


  5:30 pm       visit the Mashtots Hayrapet church

  19.00 PM                     Artigian work


   20:00 pm      Dinner  in the restaurant with music and typical dances


     3rd Day   9:00 breakfast and  10:00 departure to Yerevan


  Complete  Cost  person  (10 people)     Drams 47.000

 Includes :

 Transfer from and to Yerevan

  Transfer from and to Geghard

sleeping 2 nights

2 days

first day breakfast, lunch , and light brake evening, entrance to the temple

2nd day breakfast, pick nick, dinner with music and dance

2nd day artigians exhibition

2 days guides – organizzation and coordination 

( It doesn't include anything that is not in the voice “it includes”)


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