KOTAYK  MARZ  IN REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA

                                            Kotayk region occupies: 2076 sq.km.

                                                  Population: 280 700 people

                Center of Marz:  Hrazdan, distance from Yerevan is 50km
Kotayk province of natural resources:  Tsakhkunyats  and Geghama mountain ranges, Ara (2577 m) and Hatis (2528 m) mountain Flowing through the region Hrazdan (141 km) and Azat (55 km) rivers.  In Kotayk region  found Khosrov reserve, Akna and Vishapa  lakes.

Armenia is a museum under the open air  and  Kotayk Marz is one of the worthwhile galleries of it. Many tombs, ciclop castles, dwellings  founded in Kotayk Marz  reminds us that in the 3rd-2nd BC millenniums Kotayk was  already densely  populated.

The huge rocky mountain, vishapaqars (dragon stones) and  also  the  wild   trees  of    grapes and harvest  are the proves  of  what is  said  above , which shows that 20-30 thousand  years  ago   local  community has  been a  tiller. Many of the  names  of  the location   are closely  connected  with Hayk Nahapet’s immediate successors, the head of  patriarchal  home, the  names of the  leaders  of that very time, such as: Gegham, Aram, Shamiram, Geghama mountains, Aramus, Arzni-Shamiram canal, Arindj, Elar, Kamaris, etc..

 Geghama   mountains laps, Tsaghkunyats mountain range are  in the  territory of Kotayk marz,

 In the  relatively limited  space there are  high tops : Ajdahak, Hatis, Arayi, Gutanasar, deep

gorges : Hrazdan and Azat river and wide  valleys  and uplands: Kotayk, Eghvard.

 Nowadays there are more than 3200  historical values and monuments in Kotayk: Geghardavank, Garni  temple, Kecharis complex. There are   basilic  and late Christian beautiful churches   in Voghjaberd, Eghvard, Aramus, Ptghni, Tsaghkadzor, Bjni, Meghradzor.

In 2000  Geghardavank and Upper  Valley of  Azat  river  are included  in the  Heritage list of UNESCO, presenting the whole world  one of the  masterpieces  of Armenian heritage.


Azat's reservoar.jpg

The reservoir of the Azat river

Bdgni's castel.jpg

The casel of Bjni

Razdan's reservoir.jpg

The reservoir of Razdan



The arch of Charenc